Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Community Matters Radio Program

Communication Studies Faculty members from the Interpersonal, Family & Intergroup Communication emphasis are offering a radio series on Communication and Well-Being for KZUM’s Community Matters with Nick Hernandez. Nick visits with community leaders about how we can come together to make our collective lives better. Mondays 11:30 AM Central and will be podcast: As scholars we appreciate the opportunity to contribute our research to the community:

• Communication and Well-Being in Nontraditional Families, Dr. Dawn O. Braithwaite, 2/1/2016
• Storytelling and well-being, Dr. Jody Koenig Kellas, 2/29/2016
• Family Communication, Identity and Worldview, Dr. Jordan Soliz, 3/21/16
• Communication and Chronic Illness, Dr. Kathy Castle, 4/4/2016
• Communication, Well-Being, and Social Support, Dr. Angela Palmer-Wackerly, 4/25/2016


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